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InuYasha Fandom Newsletter
Welcome to Sengoku Jidai Times! This is the InuYasha fandom newsletter for Livejournal and the Internet. Published twice weekly.

Please email submissions to sengokujidai.times@gmail.com or post here!

This newsletter will cover everything from awards to vids.

Art/Meta Editor/Editor in Chief: ravynstoneabbey
Fic Editor: luxken27

We will not cover or watch any friends-only communities.

The editors reserve the right to not cover communities that cause unnecessary friction in the fandom community as a whole.

Also, we strongly recommend that all fics posted to LJ have a header consisting at minimum of a title, rating, and characters/pairings, plus any warnings if at all possible.

Sengoku Jidai Times

The Freshest News since the Feudal Era! (est. 2007)

Covering the InuYasha fandom in LiveJournal and on the Internet at large.

Published Twice Weekly


Art & Graphics

  • Contests
  • Icons
  • Graphics( layouts, banners)
  • FanArt


  • Contests and Challenges
  • New
  • Updates


  • AMV’s/Vids
  • Fanmixes (soundtracks)

News & Discussion

  • Chapters released
  • Discussion of topics related to IY Fandom in particular
  • New communities, sites, archives
  • Other sites of interest (must relate to InuYasha)
  • News in the Fandom (IY)
  • Recs


  • Other Activities-polls, projects, etc.
  • RP updates
  • Cosplay
  • Con Meetups and con-related info
  • Searches-fics, sites, artwork

jidaitime_watch is the watch journal related to this community, and you can post submission links to the entry or email the editor at sengokujidai.times@gmail.com.

When submitting info, please give the link and a brief summary and if it is art or fic, use the following template:



LJ User/Website:



Ratings and Warnings:

Notes: Please warn for anything potentially squicky and note if worksafe or not and if the work is based on a new manga chapter, please note for spoilers.

This community is modeled after ff_press.
You can locate other fandom newsletters here.

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